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everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-street-drug-flakka--its-insane-side-effects-arent-even-the-worst-part[1]Flakka hit Southern Florida and just took off from there. I remember seeing news reports saying a new drug has hit and law enforcement is not sure what it is or where it came from. Flakka or Gravel as it is called does not look like Crack, Cocaine or Meth but it has some of the similar effects. Increased heart rate, increased body temperature and paranoia are just some of its effects on the body. Some of the reports have people running naked through the streets, attempting to break into Police Stations and other strange behaviors. What is interesting is how fast Flakka spread North and West and then abruptly stopped spreading. We know it is not a naturally occurring drug, and we know it is most likely an amphetamine based drug. In the New England area I have not heard about any confirmed cases, yet.

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