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EMS Response Courses

Tactical EMS Course

Course delivery: Lecture & Hands On Duration: 3, 4 or 5 day (8.0 hour days)

Mobile: Yes

The Tactical EMS Course is designed for Law Enforcement, Corrections, EMS and Fire Service personnel that provide Medical Support for Tactical Response Teams. It is a physically demanding course. Course participants will have lectures combined with skills in the classroom.

Typically after lunch participants are divided into groups and rotate through several stations based on their skill level.  Depending on the size of the class stations can range from thirty minutes to an hour. On the final day course participants are given scenarios to complete.

The course will look at the following:

  • History of Tactical EMS
  • Recent deployments of TEMS operators
  • Team health
  • Medical Threat Assessments (MTA’s)
  • Rapid Trauma Assessments
  • Care Under Fire
  • Medical Throw Bags
  • Drags and Carries
  • Medical Care in an Austere Environment
  • K-9 Medicine
  • Tele-Medicine / Medicine Across a Barricade
  • Shield Rescues
  • Vehicle Rescues
    • The RIP
    • Back seat rescue
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Rescues
  • Executive Protection
  • The use of Armored Vehicles (when available)
  • The use of Helicopters (when available)