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Firearms & Weapons Training Courses


Advanced Handgun

Class size will be limited so that course participants will be able to get some 1:1 instruction with a Firearms Instructor and make the best use of their time on the range. The Advanced Handgun Techniques for Civilians Course will cover, but not be limited to the following subjects and drills:

  • Working from a holster and engage target with accurate shots
  • Increased accuracy with single shots and multiple shots
  • Timed shots with an electronic timer
  • Decreased time between shots
  • Trigger control
  • Engage a target from behind cover
  • Practice and decrease the time in which it takes to reload and engage the target
  • Moving and shooting
  • Shooting with the non-dominant hand
  • Reloading with non-dominant hand
  • Shooting from the sitting position, and ground position
  • Multiple target engagements
  • Shooting from the kneeling, sitting or prone position

This course call for 150 rounds of ammunition

Shooters should bring:

  • Weapon
  • Ammo (400 +rounds)
  • 2 -3 Magazines & magazine holders
  • Cover garment such as a sweatshirt, button up shirt or jacket
  • Proper holster (no shoulder holsters)
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Baseball Cap
  • Water Bottle
  • Bug Spray

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