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EMS Response Courses


Active Shooter EMS Response

Course delivery:

Lecture & Hands On Duration: 8.0 hours or 16.0 hours

Cost: Location: Swift River Sportsman’s Club

Mobile: Yes

YouTube link:

The EMS Response to the Active Shooter Course is designed for EMS and Fire Service personnel. This course takes several lessons from personal experience responding to a Prison Riot in Connecticut and managing multiple patient scenes during his years at the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department in Ludlow Massachusetts and 25+ years working in the field. Special attention is also paid to lessons learned from Columbine High School (CO), Platt County (CO), Aurora movie theater (CO), Hartford Beer Distributor and Sandy Hook (CT). Course participants will have a power point lecture coupled with hands-on training applying various types of bandages (Oales, H, and Israeli bandage) and commercial tourniquets (SWAT-T, CAT-T, SOF-T and RAT-T).

The course looks at:

  • Preplanning
  • Deployment on scene
  • START Triage
  • Rapid wound care and management
  • Integrating with responding law enforcement rescue teams
  • Managing single and multiple triage sites