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Officer Down Rescue Course

This course takes a look at how officers can rescue other officers or injured civilians. Also have “Self-Aid” and “Live Fire” course variations available.


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Tactical EMS Course

The Tactical EMS Course is a physically demanding course. Course participants will have lectures combined with skills in the classroom. Available in 3, 4, or 5 day durations depending on class size to maximize training and station time per individual.


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Host a Course

Learn about our mobile-capable courses. As long as you have suitable environments as per our checklist, we can bring the training to you. In home LTC courses available too.

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Mission Statement

STS Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to training first-responders of all levels to provide the best medical care to injured officers or civilians in the most expedient manner available at the time.

This is accomplished through a variety of training courses that have been developed based on research, previous events and instructor experience.

These courses are presented by instructors with years of experience in the field from diverse backgrounds with a passion for teaching.


Tactical Training for High-Risk Situations:

  • Tactical Operations
  • Active Shooter
  • Clandestine Labs
  • Less Lethal Weapons
  • Gang Awareness
  • Remote Assessments
  • Violent Patients
  • Street Drugs
  • Custom Courses

Medical Training for All Levels:

  • First Responder
  • EMT Basic
  • EMT Intermediate
  • Paramedic
  • Nurse
  • Physician
  • Police
  • Sheriff/Corrections
  • Fire
  • EMS


Flakka (aka Gravel) in Southern Florida

Flakka hit Southern Florida and just took off from there. I remember seeing news reports saying a new drug has hit and law enforcement is not sure what it is or where it came from. Flakka or Gravel as it is called does not look like Crack, Cocaine or Meth but it has...

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New Potent Drug W-18 is on the streets

This particular drug could be a game changer if it is mass produced and made available in the streets. Some reports indicate that this drug was made to tranquilize and/or sedate elephants. Elephants weigh from 6,000 – 13,000 pounds according to Google. Right now this...

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